Monday, August 3, 2009

Aadi Perukku

In all cultures,gold forms an integral part of all celebrations.For Tamilians ,Aadi is a month of poojas and vrathas .Aadi Pooram,Tuesday and friday are all days when women workship the Devi.It is an important month for workshipping the ancestors ,Especially on the Amavasya day.For telugu vaishnavas it is compulsary to buy as much as gold as one's means as the poojas is for goddness lakshmi.Every Year,they buy Whatever is within my capacity that year."On the 18th day of the month of Aadi perukku(rising) is a festival to mark the overflowing of the river that indicates the adundance of prosperity .Celebrated from ancient times .Gold is tradionally to the thali to mark the onset of good times.

The tradition of buying gold jewellery for the subsquent wedding season that allows aadi is also a significiant occasion .Families believe in making the gold purchase during Aadi for many reasons .Thought Traditionally there is a prohibitive mindset for purchase during the month ,there is increse in significiant gold purchase during this period.A treasure chest is always glittering with gold coins and ornaments .Among metals it is the most precious and popular across cultures.Ancient egyptians believed that gold makes up the flesh of the sun god .It was consirded as a symbol of external life.Ancient central americans tribes too threw gold in to a sacred lake or river as offerings to their gods.

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