Monday, August 10, 2009

Say Goodbye To Fast Food

Nowadays food tradition is keep on changing every day to day ,Many of turned in to home foods in to fast foods.Fast food encourage over eating without diet due to more food for less money.Large, extra large, big, jumbo, and double portions are the norm.Fast food is increased day to day because they provide a more food for low cost and You can walk in, order and eat. No delayed meals or waiting at the table for food.Though you it seems all are advantages but doctor says all are major disadvantages.High fat ingredients are plentiful? Cheese, fried chicken or fish, bacon, French fries, mayonnaise,soups and "special sauces".

Fast foods are easily obtained and plentiful, and usually inexpensive with 99-cent meals being widely available. But they are very unhealthy with high amounts of calories, saturated fats, salt, etc. They are also lacking in needed food groups like vegetables and fruits. They also lack necessary vitamins. Vegetables can be difficult to find, aside from small salads, a few leafs of lettuce on a sandwich or, worst, vegetables that are fried, such as potatoes or onion rings.Fruit is not present other than as orange juice or between the crusts of baked or fried pies.You can reach your daily sodium intake (2,400 milligrams) in just one meal. And that's without any additional table salt.
Pizza is probably the most 'healthy' fast food in that it has the food groups represented.

Go for a food prepared in your Home and lead a better life.................

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