Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jewellery shop owner murdered

After a long back i had came with a real story.vijay[Jewellery shop owner] lived in a small town with his wife,In the other jewellery shop his friend kunal is working has a clerk.As usual vijay[jewellery owner] is doing the buissness.One day someone of the regular customer came to his shop and gave 2.5 kg to the jewellery owner to sold his golds.

His friend kunal knows the information about the gold due to his brokers,kunal planned to murder his friend to get the 2.5 kg golds and he(kunal) send his wife to his mothers house.kunal relaxed well and he bought long knife ,kept in her bathroom.kunal called his friends on cellphone .kunal said i will sold your golds with a higher rate ,customer is waiting in my house come to my house with 2.5 golds.

vijay gone to kunal house.when he entered his house, kunal had a long pipe in his hands suddenly hited on his forehead .finally vijay is died, kunal moved the body to his bathroom and he went out for refreshing.

After 8'clk he came back to his house ,he planned to moved the body from the house but he cant remove the body , why because kunal was staying in flats. Kunal taken a long knife and cut his friend vijay body in to several pieces. kunal taken the each pieces of the body and throw in some of the areas,finally kunal removed her body and cleaned her blood filled on the floor.

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