Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monsters Vs Aliens : A perfect treat for animation buffs

What would you expect og an animated movie about an giant girl ,a crazy scientist with a cockroach head ,an indestructible blue bob ,a fish-ape and a giant grub taking on an aloen megalomaniac ? If you expect an irresistible thrill ride ,you would not be in the least bit disappointed with monsters Vs Aliens.

The animation is bright ,sassy and incredibly creative ,the set pieces are breath-taking and the humour is sly and inventive without being arch or overtly referencial ,Which we all know is intolerably irritating.What starts as a perfect day for susan Murphy ,the quintesential californian ,turns in to a terrible nightmare .Susan is all set to marry derek ,When a meteorite hits her and she turns intoa 49 foot ,11 inch giant .The military moves in and susan is named Ginormica and transported in to secret place where all monsters are kerp.

When an evil alien squid attacks the eath witha obnoxious plan to clone the world in his image ,the monsters are called to help .they save the world in a spectacular style .The golden gate sequence and the finale are truly bang for your buck and one can only marvel at the giant strides of progress 3D animation has made even in the last few years .From the squid many feet tinkering down vast corridors to each strand of susan's chair ,the animation is eye popping.


  1. i love thz movie,it kindda funny...

  2. hey..i really loved the movie..the good news is that you can now get it in DVD and BLU-RAY. just go to Big Home Videos and get your copy now.



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