Thursday, August 27, 2009

Barrack Obama Ultimate Success Story

Everyone had a role model in their life ,to achieve the success and fame like their role models. Barrack Obama US president is my role model because of their achievements in the politics and Barracks obama background is not ordinary. The man we now call President has come a long way to win this position and title for himself. President Obama has already forewarned lawmakers and American people that a rapid response is needed to avoid an economic meltdown. Unemployment has already reached an all time high in since 1974. Unemployment claims rose to 626,000, the highest it has reached in a single month since 1982.

The Obama administration has a new and better outlook on Afghanistan than his predecessor George W. Bush, his plan being moderate at most levels of authority. The new plan of action is deliberately based on the number of given resources available at any time.

After a few weeks in office for President Obama, he’s already met with families of the attacks on September 11 and the bombing of U.S.S. Cole. The President reassured the families of both attacks that those responsible for the actions that killed thousands of Americans will not go on unchecked. Obama was reported saying that justice will be handed down swiftly.

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