Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bondi Beach Is The Best Tourism Spot

Bondi Beach is a great beach in Australia to bring a family,to enjoy their weekends with their adults and relations.The Bondi Wall is part of a series of steep cliff walls, which run along one of the best spots for scuba diving in Australia, and one of the best beaches in Australia. Check with local scuba shops and scuba schools for specific directions to Bondi Wall, as well as tide information.

The Bondi Beach Market is held every Sunday, year round, at the town's public school grounds. This is a great place to pick up some local art, food, or clothing. Another nice local market is the Bondi Junction Market, also open on Sundays, and located in the Bondi Mall. There are a number of small boutiques and shops located along the beach front, as well as in the town of Bondi Beach itself.When dining, Bondi Beach offers plenty of café and restaurant options throughout the day. Campbell Parade is a main strip of shops and restaurants in the town, and visitors will find everything from a quick bite, to sit down dining options.

Traveling to Bondi Beach is generally very convenient from any central location in Sydney. Buses travel from Bondi Junction in Sydney right to Bondi Beach Australia just about every ten minutes, until around midnight. Since parking at the beach itself is quite crowded and difficult, the bus is actually the main mode of transport for tourists and locals alike.

As an extremely popular beach in Australia, Bondi Beach is a great place to visit if you plan to spend any amount of time in Sydney. Be sure to bring plenty of sun block along as the sun can be quite intense in all temperatures. Bondi Beach Australia offers a fun, warm way to kick back and enjoy a day at the beach

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